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us in lifting up the economy, making sure people get those jobs and making sure that we do our part as well, so this 25% goal you will hear it because you ask anybody in any other part of the country whether new york, chicago, so forth you will find this to be one of the unique situations where private investors voluntarily want to do this with organized labor, with our partners in the community based organizations to say we will hold ourselves accountable to the 25% goal and get the veterans in at the same time. this is an incredible milestone. i want to celebrate it but it's a beginning of a long process and a process that i believe it have the season here in 2017 and that's why the t shirts and the pins. this is where we're
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goi want to thank everybody that is here. we are on our way and it will take a while. it will take some time. we are about -- once we do the fiscal feasibility which was never required with these projects in the past. once we get past this hurdle we go into the environmental quality process and everything will be heard about the impact of communities and around the city but i think the warriors and all of us want to give you a vision of where we're going and that needs to be kept in front of us and we can't use this opportunity where we have a fantastic investment in our city. confidence is growing in our city and we will have our gollen state warriors here in 2017. thank you to everybody for being here today. [applause] >> well, you can't have a 25%
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local hire commitment and a 50% local hire apprenticeship commitment with a private public partnership without a private partner. i would like to introduce rick welts, the president of the golden state warriors. [applause] >> thank you jenn. thank you mayor. you know there is a lot of very, very big decisions that have to be made in a project of this magnitude. our ownership group would love it if the budget was only 500 million but it's going to be in excess of that but i would say the easiest decision we made in the process is the reason that we are here today. throughout this process as welcoming as everyone has been to bring the weariers back to san francisco we have heard a few things loud and clear and one is this has to be a good deal for san francisco as well as a great opportunity for the warriors. whether that means
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working closely with communities, specially the neighbors, immediately in proximity of the project, or whether it's creating acres and acres of public open space, rehabilitating what is now piers falling into san francisco bay. the message has been very clear. one thing we heard in particular from day one is the importance of san franciscans participating in the jobs and the economic development that is going to be created by this project. we're thrilled to be part of this announcement t.d we are thrilled to be part of history, the first of its kind agreement ensuring that a minimum of 25% local hire will take place on the project in the construction jobs that are so important to us gathered here. what's more we are agreeing that 50% of the apprentice level work will go
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to local residents and launching the program that the mayor talked about and the returning veterans and the construction jobs created at this site. we are grateful for all of our friends and especially labor, and the trade representatives and the community advocates and the public officials and those represented here today. a landmark deal like this doesn't get done without the involvement of all the parties. thanks for having us here and it's our privilege and it's a great day. thank you mayor. [applause] >> so local hire would not be the law of the city if not for the board of supervisors. i want to acknowledge the members that are here today. supervisor eric mar. [applause] -- the architect of our local
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hire law john avalos. [applause] and our board president david chiu who i would like to say a few words. [applause] >> good morning. on behalf of the board i am very happy to be part of the celebration of this milestone and just want to take a moment for all of us to look around this room. we talk about the diversity of san francisco, but it's not everyday that we come together in the way that we are this morning. i also want to start by thanking the warriors, management and your organization for playing ball with the city for making sure we are setting a standard for how we do privately funded projects and on behalf of the board i want to thank you for that and thank those that have been warriors for this concept to making sure local projects involve local employees. from
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the community partners and chinese for affirmative action entailed what the issue was and our employers that supported local hiring and our champion of local hire supervisor avalos. mr. mayor since you came into office this is on the top of your agenda and local hire and want to thank and you the port and work force development and jenn mattes and all of the departments coming together for this and of course i want to thank the men and women who will be doing the work. you are building the history of the city and a great gym for all and we will have a meeting at the board of supervisors to move the next phase of the project. we have issues around
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design and traffic and access but it's my hope with the spirit of collaboration that we moved forward and would be difficult to move forward. i look forward to make sure 2017 is the date for tip off. thank you so much. [applause] >> and representing some of the men and women who working with the warriors project i have mike perry from the building trades. [applause] >> and i want to start by acknowledging the labor folks in the room. a number of folks are away right now and a meeting in san diego and a lot of them are down there but in the room we have victor par and oscar lab
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tory and sean smith and adriane simy and carl with the local carpenters 22, danny campbell with the sheet metal workers and the operating engineers -- who am i missing? ramone hernandez right behind me. i should have looked back. [applause] and additionally mike mc kenny with electricians and tim paulson with the labor council and mike casey president in the back of the room over there. this is a project of the kind that makes building trades workers salivate. it is a startingly beautiful design from what we have seen so far. i am going to embarrass myself and speak in norwegian and it's the
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kind of project where we can look forward to bringing our skills to work on a project that will fully demand those skills, so that is quite apart from the hours it will bring to us, it quite a part from the food we will put on the table and the house payments and so on. that's one of the reasons this project really excites us and it's a dramatic project. however, we are happy to try to minimize the drama of actually building the project and this is what this particular agreement d a lot of things are in this particular agreement and i think it's a real accomplishment, something that will provide us a practical and effective means of addressing local hire andet going san franciscans to work so thank you. [applause] >> so our final speaker is
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really the foremost community lead in the local hire movement and that is environment commissioner josh arsay. [applause] >> thank you. thank you mayor lee. thank you warriors. thank you web core hunt and those that will build us and jesse hunt and i would like our community partners to come up. we work together in coalition and when we have the opportunity we would like to do this. charity cultural center -- i saw david. mother jackson, the god mother of bay view hunter's point. dan marcos and bay view and i see florence con and what this is about and why it's historic when we on the community -- we work with workers, communities, folks trying to get on these projects
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and as the mayor stated and supervisor avalos talked about and local hire is the last thing and typically around good faith and whose faith and it doesn't work this. is mandatory. the warriors are partners in labor. the contractors have submitted to working with us to make local hiring mandatory, 50%. local apprentices will do this. this is historic. it hasn't happened on a project like this and what you're going to see and what we're all excited about. we will see a new generation of local residents come into the trade guaranteed through this agreement commitment and start their construction career and building this arena and bringing basketball back to san francisco. thank you.
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[applause] >> i would like to invite our speakers as well as many others to sign the agreement that codifies this commitment between the warriors and labor and the community and the city so i'm going to ask the mayor, rick welts, josh tearo and come up and sign the agreement. the other signators will do it over time so you're not here and we are available for follow up but no questions from the podium so thank you very much. mr. mayor. [applause] rick, josh. --
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[applause] >> good morning and welcome to a special meeting of the city operations and neighborhood services committee. my name is sean elsbernd and today we have
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scott wiener who is appointed to the committee today and joined shortly by carmen chu. our clerk is mr. evans. i would ask anybody who has a cell phone put it on silent. as you know we have a lot of people here today. we have an over flow room in 250 that has the two big tvs so you observe. i ask after you comment in public comment you move into the board chambers so the other people can file in. you will be able to see everything and would be a smooth transition for everybody. with that mr. clerk will you call item one. >> item one is amending the codes and prohibiting nudity as
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public streets, sidewalks, parklets, and plazas and on public transit vehicles, stations, platform and stops, except as part of permitted parades, fairs, and festivals. >> thank you mr. clerk. item one is supervisor wiener's option. >> thank you for coming out today. i think it shows there is a lot of passion on all sides of this issue. mr. chairman we have before us legislation restricting public nudity in parts of san francisco. this legislation which is much more narrow than the broad nudity ban in the park code for decades acknowledges public nudity is part in san francisco and appropriate in some circumstances. the legislation also acknowledges it's not always appropriate and in the neighborhoods and commercial districts where we have to live and work and live our lives together public nudity can at times can too far. for years
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public nudity has been part of san francisco and beaches and parades and some of our bars and the occasional sporadic naked person wondering the streets. it wasn't a big deal and few people caressed. in the last few years it's changed. public nudity is no longer random and sporadic, or occasional part of san francisco and in the castro it's seven days a week. everyday where people live, play and conduct their lives. to be very clear despite some of the press coverage this is not about cock rings but that maybe the extreme example but it's not the heart of the issue and seven days a week and almost always men stand at out displaying
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their gentles of anyone walking or driving by. the situation in the castro which has been extreme developed around the time i took office. there were immediate calls on me to ban it. i resisted those calls for almost two years and took significant heat from some quarters for that delay because it's not what i wanted to do. i didn't want to do legislation restricting public nudity, because although i have disagreements with the proponents of legislation i understand and respect their view. i hoped and assumed and believed as others this would run its course and we will return to the way it was in san francisco and public nudity being random and occasional thing on our streets, but the situation hasn't ran its course and worked itself out and now it's more consistent and over
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the top. people people in this neighborhood are over it as others and believe it's now time to take action and now i agree. this legislation is much more narrow in terms of the park code and other codes. it's narrower with the body parts included. in contrast to the parks and the port code there is no requirement than an offense ever charged as a misdemeanor. it can be infraction indefinitely. that is not the case in the port and the parks code. the legislation contains broad and blanket exemptions for festivals and street fairs and parades unlike the park code and today because civic center is a park it is illegal to be nude in civic center plaza even during pride. the code doesn't contain any exemption for that. my legislation does. in addition
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this legislation has no application to beaches or to private property. the castro and san francisco in general is a place of freedom, expression and acceptance, but those things do not mean that anything goes under any circumstance. freedom, expreagz and acceptance don't mean we don't have any standards of behavior whatsoever. this means people can't do whatever pops into their head no matter the impact on other s and the neighborhood. as a result i introduced this legislation to have a narrower ban on the streets and parks and park lets and this is for everyone and have minimum standards of behavior so everyone can enjoy the area. we live in a densely packed city and have to live together. we
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always had codes and this recognizes that. this legislation and generally before the legislation was introduced has generated significant discussion in debate in the castro, in lgbt and community and the city as a whole. there are strong views on all sides. i think there is more than two sides and i respect all of those views but i believe the legislation has strong support in the community, and i'm not just talking about support from the newspapers like the bay area reporter or the san francisco chronicle or community leaders or groups that support this and including the castro neighborhood valley association, the triangle association, the castro benefit district and i am talking about
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everyone that works and play in this neighborhood. some say this is because of straight people invading the castro, or more children raised in the castrooir vocal business owners. that is not the case. in fact few merchants have been vocal about this matter. i say this as a gay man who was drawn to the cat castro and i found some of the rhetoric around this issue to be offensive in its demonization of straight people and gay and straight people who have children. it's not fool yourself. straight people have always lived in the area. many have never left. many moved in ten, 20, 30 years ago that those who are gay did. and children have been here and maybe not as many but quite a few. in fact
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there are schools within a few blocks of castro and market. i say these things not to do this but it's a very adult neighborhood in many ways and i will fight as anyone for us to continue to embrace our lgbt status and i have done that for years, but the castro is for everyone and we need to stop demonize those that made this neighborhood home and are like me gay men without children. this legislation doesn't result from straight people or people can kids or people complaining about public nudity. the concern has been gay men. i have heard from more far childless gay men in support of this legislation than straight people, from merchants or in the valley or people with kids, and i am not adjust talking about
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newbies. i'm talking about gay men who have lived in the area for years. there is clearly a difference of opinion among gay men. i want to make one more point. specific are there laws on the books that cover this situation? there aren't and which is why berkeley and san jose and other cities have their nudity restrictions above and beyond the penal code. if there were laws in place i wouldn't have addressed this legislation and subjected myself to some, shall we say interesting commentary among some of the opponents. and i include frankly the argument that i truly disagree with, and has been repeated over and over in some quarters, that saying that you have to cover your genitalos a public street or sidewalk is no different than requiring
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women to wear burkas or banning gay men or drag queenos the street. i disagree with that comparison and i think most people do. public nudity is currently legal in san francisco except for the parks and ports and restaurants and the suggestion that we should use the lewd behavior laws and the indecent exposure laws is problematic and ineffectual. it's unclear that cock rings and other behaviors that we see would qualify as lewd. i think it's border line as best and it's a terrible position for police officers to enforce the following. is his penis slightly erect or not at all? i don't think any police officer is ever going to make that determination and i don't think we want them to. is that adornment lewd or not? did he shake his genitals to make it
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lewd or was it accidental? no police officer is going to make that determination. in addition if we start encouraging to treat border line lewd behavior as indecent exposure that is a automatic misdemeanor conviction if convicted and lifetime sex registry. i don't think we should do that. this legislation would not lead to sex offender registration and unlike the parks code it can be charged as an infraction indefinitely. now the police and the da will have an option to charge that. mr. chairman, as i stated at the beginning i gave this issue time to work itself out. it didn't and the time has come to act. this is a narrow and reasonable piece of legislation and i ask for your support.
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>> now, i do see that sfpd is here. i don't know if they were planning to present as amendments to the police code and the captain from mission statement and before that i have a stack of public comments cards here. if you are intending to speak during public comment and haven't filled out -- this is blue, but there are yellow cards out there please fill out a card. captain. >> good morning. i am captain moazer and the captain of mission police station. mission police station enl enpasm asses the castro district and public nudity is a daily occurrence and has been for some time. i can tell you with the daily occurrence of public nudity come the daily complaints. we receive those complaints in a
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variety of formats, calls for dispatch, call in person and primarily what we get with the beat and patrol offs in the area and why can't you do anything. we have to explain to them that california state law is really narrow and doesn't a law us to take objection solely on public nudity, so certainly it puts the police department in a position where we're unable to take action regarding those complaints, and it certainly puts those officers in a position where they have to field complaints they're not able to act upon, and so from the police officer's perspective we support the legislation. >> thank you captain. colleagues any questions? great. >> so with that mr. chairman if
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there are no comments my colleagues and may we open it up to public comment? so i'm going to call off names and public comment will be two minutes. please speak directly into the microphone so that people in the chamber and people at home can hear you. when you have third seconds left you will hear a soft bell as a warning and when the two minutes are up you will hear a louder bell and you should finish up the sentence you're speaking, so with that i will call off a number of names. (calling speaker names" and i apologize in advance if i mess up everyone's name. my name gets messed up all the time.
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(calling speaker names). and you don't have to go in the exact order it's just that group is called. >> and again before public comment starts after you have spoken we appreciate if you give up your seat in the room and follow the hearing in the board chambers so people outside can have their chance to speak. thank you. >> good morning supervisors. i am pat torah and here to represent the triangle neighborhood association. we have heard from a number of our members about this situation that has evolved. originally it seemed like it was a novel attraction in the neighborhood, and has now become a nuisance in the neighborhood. there are as supervisor wiener ti

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